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Catch the Travel Bug! Wandering EE Designers & Devs

Sep 01, 2011

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EE Podcast

The latest episode of The ExpressionEngine Podcast is now live, and it is my absolute favorite one so far.

In episode 51, Lea and I take a slightly different approach than we've been doing. Instead of interviewing a single person, we interviewed several. And instead of a primarily technical ExpressionEngine focus, we discuss life, travel and the work-life balance.

Episode #51

In EE Gypsies: Wandering Designers & Devs, we had fantastic and inspiring (albeit far too short) interviews with EE devs and designers who have been working while traveling all over the United States:

Have a listen yourself. I guarantee it will make you think about your own work-life balance.

Stay Tuned!

For our next episode, we'll be talking with traveling EE designers and devs about how they fit in their workflow with their travels. And, of course, we have even more great topics coming up, so please be sure to tune in to future episodes! Subscribe to our RSS or listen on iTunes.

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