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Hey! Did Ya Hear?

Oct 24, 2013

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Just over two years ago, I joined Lea Alcantara as a co-host of the EE Podcast. We had a fantastic run. Great content, great guests, and loyal listeners and sponsors. And while we didn't know it at the time, it was the first step towards the two of us working more formally together.

Over the past year, though, we felt a bit constrained talking only about ExpressionEngine. EE is just one of the many tools we use, and EE is just one of our many areas of expertise. So, three months ago, we decided to re-brand the podcast: CTRL+CLICK CAST.

A Broader Focus

CTRL+CLICK CAST is still a tech podcast. But rather than focusing exclusively on ExpressionEngine, our topics are about content management systems and the industry culture, business practices, and web design and development techniques that surround them.

This mission allows us to dive into all of our web- and tech-related passions: design, HTML, CSS, branding, business, project management, conferences, social issues and, of course, the other CMSes we are using.

Everything You've Always Loved

While our focus has expanded, CTRL+CLICK is built on the solid and reliable foundation of EE Podcast. We are offering the same level of high-quality content that we’ve always delivered. We are sticking to the same bi-monthly schedule. We are continuing our episode transcripts. We are inviting great guests to share their expertise.

And because ExpressionEngine remains one of our favorite tools, we are still covering EE topics … just with less frequency, so that we can discuss other CMSes and broader industry topics. Also, all EE Podcast episodes are available in the CTRL+CLICK archive.

Don't Miss Out!

We are now five episodes in. We launched with a business discussion about managing transitions, when Lea and I shared our experiences re-branding the podcast and joining forces at Emily Lewis Design. We talked with Jae Barclay about calendars and events in ExpressionEngine and with Brandon Kelly about the Craft CMS. Jenn Lukas joined the show to discuss women in technology, and Ben Callahan shared his wealth of knowledge about responsive web design.

Next week, we are talking with Tracy Osborn about funding and maintaining startups. In November, Jonathan Snook is joining the show to talk about modular CSS, and Jack McDade will be our guest to talk about the Statamic CMS. And we're closing out the year in December with our annual Year in Review episode.

We Love Love

Whether CTRL+CLICK CAST is news to you or you're already listening, we would love your support!

We also have sponsorship opportunities for folks who want to promote their products and services while supporting CTRL+CLICK.

And we'd love to hear from you. Are you enjoying the new format? Tell us! Want to learn about a specific topic or hear from a certain guest? Let us know!

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