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The Power of Community

Nov 19, 2012

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Community hasn't always been something that was important to me. An introvert and a bit of a loner, I tend to be most comfortable in my own little bubble. Over the past few years, though, community has become a big part of my life as I've discovered how great it feels to be part of something bigger than myself.

For my October contribution to The Pastry Box Project, I write about this power of community.

Give & Get

I first began to appreciate community when I decided to become a web designer. At the time, there weren't any higher-ed programs available (not that I had the money or time for that …), so it was up to me, myself and I to learn how to write markup and style pages. Fortunately, there was an established community of web designers, developers and standards proponents who shared their knowledge and experiences. Blog posts, tutorials, and even other folks' portfolios were my curriculum.

Thanks to this community and willingness to share, I learned the trade and got a job in the field. I have absolutely no doubt that I wouldn't be where I am today without the active and open web community. And this is why I now contribute my own experiences and knowledge, hoping I can do the same for someone else.

This cycle of getting and giving is the focus of my latest Pastry Box contribution. I highlight a newcomer to ExpressionEngine, who reached out on Twitter to find help with her first EE project. The EE community, which has always been a prime example of sharing and giving, responded immediately with resources, ideas and support.

Go read it!

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