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Version Control with ExpressionEngine

Jan 30, 2012

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EE Podcast

Version control has been on my radar for over a year, along with a bunch of other things I've yet to find time to learn and implement. But thanks to the latest episode of the EE Podcast, I'm determined to make version control a priority. In fact, it's the next thing I'm tackling after hitting "publish" for this post!

In episode 61, Lea and I are joined by Adam Wiggall and Ian Pitts who fill us in on how they use Git with EE, and how version control has completely changed the way they work.

Episode #61

Neither Lea or I have any formal experience working with version control solutions. So, for Version Control, trusted colleagues (and my dear friends) Ian and Adam shared their experiences incorporating Git into their shared and individual workflows.

They discuss the basics of version control, their preferred tools to make it easier, some nuances with ExpressionEngine, and how they'd never go back to working without version control.

Have a listen yourself.

Stay Tuned!

For our next episode, we'll get the latest news from EllisLab, courtesy of Lisa Wess.

Check out our schedule for even more great topics we've lined up, and be sure you don't miss an episode:

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