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Transition to HTML5 with the Newest Web Standards Sherpa (Me!)

Aug 22, 2011

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Web Standards Sherpa

I love markup. Always have. Suspect I always will. With HTML5, my love affair has reached new levels … markup + semantics = swoon.

And HTML5 is now my "flavor" of choice. In fact, I've been using the doctype and new structural elements for over two years now! With no issues or problems … just happy clients and interesting, challenging projects.

So, when I joined the Web Standards Sherpa crew, I knew that I wanted to write about HTML5 at least a few times. And I got that chance right away, with my first Sherpa review: Making the Transition to HTML5.

You've Got the DOCTYPE. Now What?

One of the most common things I hear about HTML5 is that many people aren't sure if they are "ready for it." And I've come to realize that this "unreadiness" is more a reflection of a misunderstanding of what HTML5 is.

Yes, HTML5 brings us some pretty advanced stuff, like geolocation, web storage and canvas. And, nope, my clients and the projects I'm currently working on don't need any of that more advanced functionality (yet). But that doesn't mean I'm not using HTML5.

Using HTML5 can be a simple, single change to a doctype and nothing more. Which was the situation at Pelizzoli World, a site submitted by a Sherpa reader who wanted feedback about his home page markup. In Making the Transition to HTML5, I take a close look at the Pelizzoli home content and offer my suggestions for how some of HTML5's new elements could add more semantics and structure to the page.

I would love it if you would go have a read for yourself, and then contribute to the discussion!

Excited to Be a Sherpa!

Web Standards Sherpa is a (relatively) new site focused on real world information about best practices and web standards. Each article is, in fact, a review of an existing web site or application, many of which are submitted by Sherpa readers.

I'm so honored to be a part of such a great resource and in the company of so many of my own personal web heros and muses. And there aren't even words to describe how thrilled I am to finally have the time, energy and knowledge to more actively support the Web Standards Project (WaSP).

Feed Shirley: Submit a site for review

If you'd like to learn more about Web Standards Sherpa, watch Aaron Gustafson's presentation from MIX11 earlier this year.

And if you have a project you need some practical advice for, let the Sherpas know (and feed Shirley the mountain goat, while you're at it)!

HTML5 Cookbook

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P.S. Don't forget my book Microformats Made Simple is still for sale!


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