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HTML5 <audio> without all the <video>

Oct 12, 2011

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As you may have heard, I was lucky to be asked to contribute a few chapters to the HTML5 Cookbook (early release eBook now available). One of the chapters I wrote was on HTML5 <audio>, and as I did my research for the chapter I noticed the vast majority of articles and books "covering" <audio> are actually focused on <video>.

It's understandable, really, since the two new media elements share most of the same attributes, syntax and implementation strategies. But it is also fucking frustrating, because <video> isn't <audio>. There are differences. Differences that can't and shouldn't be covered with a blanket statement like "see <video> information".

<audio> deserves it's own examples and explanations. It deserves it's own dedicated chapter (buy the HTML5 Cookbook). It deserves it's own in-depth article …

Putting It All Together for Script Junkie

Thanks to my fine friends over at Script Junkie, I had a chance to write the kind of article I wanted when I was doing research.

Native Audio with HTML5 starts with the very basics of <audio>: syntax, attributes, browser support and the like. And it's all about <audio> with actual <audio> code examples.

I also write about the really annoying shit with <audio>: file formats, codecs and MIME types … the kind of stuff I just couldn't find enough <audio>-specific information about when I first started my adventures with HTML5 media. And, finally, I talk about fallbacks (yes, that means I mention Flash).

It's all the core information you need about <audio> in one place. Have a read and let me know what you think!

And if you are looking for more than <audio> basics — like custom controls and visualizing audio with JavaScript — buy the HTML5 Cookbook.

HTML5 Cookbook

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I was a contributing author for HTML5 Cookbook, available for sale on Amazon! Get yours now! (I hear chapters 1, 4 and 5 are particularly good.)

P.S. Don't forget my book Microformats Made Simple is still for sale!


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