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Feb 11, 2014

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The past eight months has been an incredibly busy time. Since Lea and I first started talking about working together last May, it's been a non-stop whirlwind. Lea got her U.S. work visa and moved to the States. I brought her on as my employee. We rebranded our podcast. And somehow found time for our bread–and–butter client services work.

We learned a lot. About things neither of us ever planned to learn, but were necessary to help us during these months of change. Especially with Lea's visa application and what I went through to hire an employee.

It was so much information, we had to share it. Not only did we figure it could help anyone else going through similar business changes, but it forced us to organize and archive what we learned for our own reference.

If you are an employer seeking non-US workers, or you are a non-US worker applying for a visa, Lea's three-part series on moving from Canada to the US is a must read:

  • She covers the TN visa application process in part 1, including documentation requirements and working with an immigration lawyer.
  • In part 2, Lea details crossing the border and her application and interview with US Customs.
  • She concludes the series in part 3 with information about banking in the US as a Canadian.

If you are an employer looking to hire your first employee, or even your first remote employee, check out my four-part series on hiring Lea:

  • In part 1 I share how I hired a Human Resources consultant and put together the internal documents and resources needed to hire my first employee.
  • Part 2 covers on how I handled employment verification for a remote employee, as well as all the document storage requirements for employers.
  • I detail the nuances of payroll for an out-of-state employee in part 3.
  • And I sum up the series in part 4, with a focus on employment-related taxes, both federal and state.


If all this sounds good to you, we've got even more! Lea and I will be blogging more about our workflows and processes now that we are a team, as well as the tools we're relying on.

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